Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OMG I hate taxes. Like why do I need taxes. I just wanna stop with the whole thing. Well, technically I'm done, so it doesn't matter. But it was horrid. SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! Man I love my friends, without them, I would never have gotten my taxes done. Now if only they would file my FAFSA for me...

It's kinda late, and I haven't studied for my quiz tomorrow, damn you Danny for dropping that class. Well let's hope that goes well. But besides that Brittany just came into my room. She went tanning today for the first time, she looks like such a tomato!!!! Hahahaha, she's silly.

I'm really bored. Like, studying sucks. I'm so glad I only study last minute. Any sooner would just suck. Haha That totally reminds me, I gotta figure out when my paper is due. Which reminds me, I got a 2.0 on my last paper. Best thing ever. Gave me a reason to drink that night and it was awesome. Gotta love margaritas. Because without a reason to drink-your an alcoholic!

Monday, February 22, 2010



The Weekend In Review

So here's what my weekend consisted of: work, fun, work, and then more work. LAME! Well, minus the fun part.

Work is always boring. I can't help it, it's work. Especially on Friday at 7am. Can't get much worse than that. Not as bad as a Wednesday shift, but that is a whole different story. Went rather well, except everyone seems to take their job way to serious. But what can you do.

Friday night was a whole lotta fun. Me and my friends went out to celebrate Angelika's birthday. We all had a lot of fun, well except the waitress at El Azteco. She obviously was not happy to see us. Oh! I also learned that frijoles means beans. Well then we went to Deeks and it was a total waste of time. Not worth our time. So we just went back to the dorms and made fun of Rama's roommate with our buddy Dan. Apparently, Marvin? I think it was Marvin, well, apparently he groped Dan's roommates girlfriend and so now that guy is pissed at him and when Dan told us this we began to joke about Marvin groping Dan's girlfriend, which led to jabs at Marvin thinking she isn't hot enough. After that I went to Fred's room to use her cell to call a taxi. Well no one picks up on a Friday night it seems. It took us about 30 minutes but we got one to finally answer. But then they don't show up! So i give my buddy Danny a call, not to be confused with Dan mind you, and he came and got me. Funny story, he talked to friend and she said he sounded worried about me! Haha, that kid cares. :P

Saturday really ticked me off. I still fume a bit when I think about it. The nerve she has! I can't
believe her. Like, get a life, and a new boyfriend. Yours is too cool for you. Like seriously, it was only a few swear words at my friend and a piece of chicken. Get over it. Oh and if I get in trouble for it, your dead. No questions.

Sunday was like the worst day I have ever had to do work. I woke up early to do home work and didn't do it. Instead I played video games and then left for work. Then, since I got there early, I just played more video games. Good thing I don't have class or work today, it let's me play catch-up, which helps.

So yeah, it's a basic rundown of my weekend. Kudos to Angelika and Danny for helping me out this weekend. You guys are great.