Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OMG I hate taxes. Like why do I need taxes. I just wanna stop with the whole thing. Well, technically I'm done, so it doesn't matter. But it was horrid. SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! Man I love my friends, without them, I would never have gotten my taxes done. Now if only they would file my FAFSA for me...

It's kinda late, and I haven't studied for my quiz tomorrow, damn you Danny for dropping that class. Well let's hope that goes well. But besides that Brittany just came into my room. She went tanning today for the first time, she looks like such a tomato!!!! Hahahaha, she's silly.

I'm really bored. Like, studying sucks. I'm so glad I only study last minute. Any sooner would just suck. Haha That totally reminds me, I gotta figure out when my paper is due. Which reminds me, I got a 2.0 on my last paper. Best thing ever. Gave me a reason to drink that night and it was awesome. Gotta love margaritas. Because without a reason to drink-your an alcoholic!

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