Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4am Bedtime+6am Wake Up Alarm=Bad Day

2 hours of sleep really sucks. Just got out of work and I'm trying to get some things printed here in the computer lab but I'm having some technical difficulties, so I thought I would post. Lucky you guys.

So I just found out my brother hasn't told my Mom when he is getting married yet, and well... I spilled the beans. oops. My bad. What can ya do. I don't know what he does and doesn't tell her. So I blame him. :)

But besides that I hared that one of my friend's Mom is a cheater! It was so startling. I didn't think it was true at first. She tells me they've been married for 22 years. What rough stuff. Says it's cuz he didn't give her any attention. I put that as a side note of mine. I'm sure it will happen to me. I only worry about me, myself, and my shoes.

Just got some fattie in here to fix the printers. Yay me! Now I can get my papers printed. About time. I've been waiting like 15 minutes. You think that could do this stuff quicker. What a poor use of tuition. Well, I'm off. Gotta get my papers and start the learning process. Greek mythology here I come.

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