Friday, March 5, 2010

The Spring Break Blues

Today's the day. Spring break officially started. Everyone at my place is running around, getting ready to go. Nicole is leaving for home: aka Chicago, and Brittany is going to Panama City. Lucky bitch! I'm so jealous. Adam, or as I like to call, the retard, well......I don't know. He could be staying here, going home, something. Really doesn't matter to me.

Rocked my midterms, duh! A little surprised though, cuz I didn't study for my packaging midterm, but that's only cuz I was too busy talking to the Brittany I know from work. Crazy story there: She and Tequisha were serving lunch one day and Tequisha blurts out to my bud Tommy that Brittany thinks he's cute. Well, next week rolls around and Brittany tells me that she actually does think he's cute! So I get this email from her asking what he said about her and sadly I had to let her down. Tommy is just not interested in girls right now. Just got out of a relationship and actually ran into the ex that day.

Oh snap, I ran off course. This post is supposed to be about me! :P Well let's have a pity party of 1 tonite. Chrispy here is staying at his townhouse for Spring break and most likely doing a whole bunch of nothing. But hopefully that will allow me more time to do homework, and catch up of the latest from my friends.

Peace! Time to set up for the party tonite!

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