Monday, March 8, 2010


Today I decided to get some new glasses. So I go to Lenscrafters and I get my eye exam and you won't believe the news. I have a mole on my eye. Eww.

So I run into a buddy of mine and I begin to tell him the news of this disgusting mole and how it will probably just do nothing when all of a sudden the lady next to me gives me advice on my mole: sleep with a bible on my chest. Jesus will heal my eyes. Then she went on to say that this bible has to be printed before 1965 because changes were made that lost all the meaning and so it wouldn't have the same effect. She then tells me a good place to go get one.

After that weird incident I get back to my place to find my retarded roommate with his mini me little brother. It wouldn't be any problem but his annoying little bro seems to be sick and is hacking all over the place. Seriously, who does that? Makes me want to kick them both out.

Tomorrow is homework day :( Someone pray for me, maybe Jesus can do my homework for me too.

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