Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Your Not Rainbow Bright, So Don't Try and Look Like Her

One red sleeve, one yellow, the rest of the button-up shirt was split. Green on one side, blue on the other. The collar and pocket were also red. Along with this hideous shirt was a red straw hat, black jeans with brown hiking boots. Her wire rim sunglasses also looked straight from the early 90's. You may try and get a visual and you think to yourself, "Naw, this isn't real". But I'm not kidding. Some girl really looked like that on the bus today. Throw on a face full of acne and you have a copy of her for sure. Really, what was she thinking. She had to have gotten a million looks across campus and I'm sure she saw me take the picture of her on my cell and laugh. Why would someone put themselves through such ridicule from your peers. We live in America! If you haven't noticed we are the land of the judges. We have people that judge if you can sing, dance, how bad you look in that outfit, even people to judge your home videos. We are a nation full of judgement calls. I know it and you do too. Admit it, everyone judges someone. So next time you wannna make, "a statement" consider if your really strong enough to take the backlash.

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