Monday, March 8, 2010


Today I decided to get some new glasses. So I go to Lenscrafters and I get my eye exam and you won't believe the news. I have a mole on my eye. Eww.

So I run into a buddy of mine and I begin to tell him the news of this disgusting mole and how it will probably just do nothing when all of a sudden the lady next to me gives me advice on my mole: sleep with a bible on my chest. Jesus will heal my eyes. Then she went on to say that this bible has to be printed before 1965 because changes were made that lost all the meaning and so it wouldn't have the same effect. She then tells me a good place to go get one.

After that weird incident I get back to my place to find my retarded roommate with his mini me little brother. It wouldn't be any problem but his annoying little bro seems to be sick and is hacking all over the place. Seriously, who does that? Makes me want to kick them both out.

Tomorrow is homework day :( Someone pray for me, maybe Jesus can do my homework for me too.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Spring Break Blues

Today's the day. Spring break officially started. Everyone at my place is running around, getting ready to go. Nicole is leaving for home: aka Chicago, and Brittany is going to Panama City. Lucky bitch! I'm so jealous. Adam, or as I like to call, the retard, well......I don't know. He could be staying here, going home, something. Really doesn't matter to me.

Rocked my midterms, duh! A little surprised though, cuz I didn't study for my packaging midterm, but that's only cuz I was too busy talking to the Brittany I know from work. Crazy story there: She and Tequisha were serving lunch one day and Tequisha blurts out to my bud Tommy that Brittany thinks he's cute. Well, next week rolls around and Brittany tells me that she actually does think he's cute! So I get this email from her asking what he said about her and sadly I had to let her down. Tommy is just not interested in girls right now. Just got out of a relationship and actually ran into the ex that day.

Oh snap, I ran off course. This post is supposed to be about me! :P Well let's have a pity party of 1 tonite. Chrispy here is staying at his townhouse for Spring break and most likely doing a whole bunch of nothing. But hopefully that will allow me more time to do homework, and catch up of the latest from my friends.

Peace! Time to set up for the party tonite!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Your Not Rainbow Bright, So Don't Try and Look Like Her

One red sleeve, one yellow, the rest of the button-up shirt was split. Green on one side, blue on the other. The collar and pocket were also red. Along with this hideous shirt was a red straw hat, black jeans with brown hiking boots. Her wire rim sunglasses also looked straight from the early 90's. You may try and get a visual and you think to yourself, "Naw, this isn't real". But I'm not kidding. Some girl really looked like that on the bus today. Throw on a face full of acne and you have a copy of her for sure. Really, what was she thinking. She had to have gotten a million looks across campus and I'm sure she saw me take the picture of her on my cell and laugh. Why would someone put themselves through such ridicule from your peers. We live in America! If you haven't noticed we are the land of the judges. We have people that judge if you can sing, dance, how bad you look in that outfit, even people to judge your home videos. We are a nation full of judgement calls. I know it and you do too. Admit it, everyone judges someone. So next time you wannna make, "a statement" consider if your really strong enough to take the backlash.

4am Bedtime+6am Wake Up Alarm=Bad Day

2 hours of sleep really sucks. Just got out of work and I'm trying to get some things printed here in the computer lab but I'm having some technical difficulties, so I thought I would post. Lucky you guys.

So I just found out my brother hasn't told my Mom when he is getting married yet, and well... I spilled the beans. oops. My bad. What can ya do. I don't know what he does and doesn't tell her. So I blame him. :)

But besides that I hared that one of my friend's Mom is a cheater! It was so startling. I didn't think it was true at first. She tells me they've been married for 22 years. What rough stuff. Says it's cuz he didn't give her any attention. I put that as a side note of mine. I'm sure it will happen to me. I only worry about me, myself, and my shoes.

Just got some fattie in here to fix the printers. Yay me! Now I can get my papers printed. About time. I've been waiting like 15 minutes. You think that could do this stuff quicker. What a poor use of tuition. Well, I'm off. Gotta get my papers and start the learning process. Greek mythology here I come.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thank You!!!

I'm super busy today with a paper, some homework, and studying for midterms but I just wanted to say thank you to the random person that handed in my wallet and not just keep it! They even left the money in it (which was only $4). It really makes you think that even though you hear a lot of the bad there is still a whole bunch of good out there too.

Have a good week. I'm out, gotta get back to my homework. :(